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Different expressions such as logo versions are clear enough about the audience we want to reach to help determine what is appropriate and what is not. I give two examples. Law firm typography for kids. A suitable example of sober typography for a kindergarten. Case in point what’s wrong with both is that nobody thought about their audience or their values ​​they didn’t convey the right emotion. As an additional point, I would like to mention the social and cultural part. As a brand, we are subject to the social development of our customers. Two recent cases and quite a few examples of the voice of the designer community e-commerce due to a group.

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Activists were forced to change its logo after deeming Jiangsu Mobile Phone Number List it obscene and claiming it represented a woman’s vagina. The amazon example the amazon brand recently changed its imagery on the app because it resembles hitter’s beard. I must admit at first I didn’t see the parallels but this just reiterates the theory that you always need fresh eyes to evaluate your brand your logo to double check if you are on the right path or where you want to go. Do you need a logo refresh do you want to change course the digital ecosystem in the era of the pandemic comes after a very difficult year.

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Are the different phases of quarantine able to change the BTC Database US way we communicate and make us use digital and social channels differently of course to use time safely though I also agree that this new normal leaves a very strong message on us which is our numbers the world has definitely changed forever catalog hidden commitment to digital digital sales from reality to virtual conversational video video video video commitment to digital some companies have not gone digital before and finally realized that if the goal is to sell and do it better than the competition it is necessary to go further and make it better.