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In our example it looks like this our favorite last option what about you category page and its importance we have seen how to have the right one in the categories of our store. But now we have to optimize them to the maximum and they are able to attract traffic. For this we nee a good descriptive text that responds to the user’s search you have identified this earlier when doing your keyword research. As a general rule category pages attack keywords with very high search volume and general search intent. Such as a personalize gift or valentine.

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Festival gift is a search that we can create category. We can Czech Republic Mobile Number List also and recommend going a step further by attacking other long-tail keywords with subcategories to be more specific. For example we could have personalize coffee mugs under the same theme as a subcategory under personalize gifts. This is a category that responds to more specific searches. Despite the low volume of this search, we are confident that the user is at a more advance stage of the buying funnel when they land. For this subcategory we can have a web structure like this also due to the correct content hierarchy you came up with base on keyword research.

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Will guide us and enable us to appear in more searches BTC Database US in the best possible way. Of course here we cannot forget to complete the title and meta description thanks to one of the plugins we will mention later. In many online stores we can use a call to action in either of these two fields to encourage users to click. For example a good practice is to say in one of them that you offer free shipping if that is your different value. Optimizing titles and meta descriptions snippet examples optimize for online stores a good product table will make a difference your product table can generate sales on its own.

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