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They are not the Oscars but for the Spanish market it has always been our biggest glamor moment of the year and when the edition was done there were a lot of great artists who came out and collected famous statuettes. This year seems to be different. The purpose of the awards ceremony is to avoid information and comments from the host or moderator of the morning commentary evening to focus the information on the winners. It looks like this will be the first time the gala will be without a host. It seemed like a way to cheer the industry up, but it turned out to be perhaps its biggest mistake over the past year.

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Viewership has steadily declined with the action on television. This Czech Republic Mobile Number List year may be the final death of the Goya family. It may not even be able to participate in the million viewers. Are the hosts of the show an asset or a liability? They are obviously an asset to the audience. For the organizers there will be energy gained from this new way of presenting the winners but the storyline will be lost. They understand that they are committed to innovative styles but this is an experiment that has not worked in other countries.

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The film festival back to basics announced a few days before the BTC Database US Oscars that they were. Going back to what has always worked for them. Years after Kevin hart resigned as gala host after controversy over comments by actors about homosexual content on social networks. Years without a master of ceremonies years after he opposed merino Barroso’s innovation to determine audience size the Oscars. The most multi-national cinematic event, has decided to return to the roots of its success. To tell a story filled with fun and storytelling charm over four hours. Listen and win let’s keep not listening to our customers.

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