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All is lost Negative impact for some. Great opportunity for others. For example, a large number of tech companies have set historical sales records during the pandemic. A surprising number of startups have emerged to provide solutions to the new panorama. . If you have a business or want to start a business, now is the perfect time to put your idea online. Mexico’s top-selling mobile phone brand during the pandemic. While some companies have suffered huge financial losses and even had to close, there are others. Companies such as those related to technology have achieved sustainable growth during the months of the pandemic.

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In this chapter we will tell you which are the Iran Mobile Number List best-selling mobile phone brands in Mexico according to the company’s research and how this top mobile phone brand differs from the leading mobile phone brands in Latin America. Of every mobile phone sold by Samsung in Mexico, the South Korean Samsung brand accounted for a percentage of the Mexican market. Despite the rapid growth of the Chinese phone company during the pandemic, it continued to hold the No. 1 position in a fairly broad range. Ranked second in the percentage of all mobile phones. This shows China’s strength in the smartphone market and its popularity for value for money.

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To Mexican consumers and Motorola’s market BTC Database US share has declined compared. The previous year despite being in second place. Huawei still ranks third in market share, though its sales in Mexico still top the list, with sales falling between last year and this year due to U.S. government restrictions. You might also be interested in the best engineering universities in Mexico, Elon Musk’s best inventions and how they benefit humanity, Steve Jobs’ world-changing inventions, Xiaomi, and again, surprisingly Xiaomi, it’s still in fourth place. bit but it has grown from the previous year.