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The location of the user performing the search increases the visibility of the business or brand in other words when a user performs a geolocation search restaurants near me Madrid children’s fashion store Madrid Italian restaurant รณ gas station local comes into play. And as you can see in this screenshot more and more people are searching based on their location. They do this both in search engine and maps local seo local seo on the other hand in google search results there are two different regional snack packs linking to google maps and local guides genesis.

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Local search engine optimization, in addition to built content Wuhan Mobile Phone Number List and other organic results, has seen a surge in search volume on mobile devices in recent years, accounting for 100% of total searches. That’s why local is gaining huge popularity as no more and no less of the total search volume. You might have deduced that someone searching for restaurants near me in the center of Puerto del sol in Madrid would get different results than someone doing the same search in Salamanca’s plaza mayor. This happens almost anywhere on the planet in any type of brick-and-mortar business you can think of. This is the main difference between local and regular.

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This is all well and good but how does my business benefit BTC Database US from being local? What are the benefits of being local? If you execute an effective strategy, the main benefit of local seo is that your physical location or your brand will appear in searches related to your activities. The first place. If you have a bar in Madrid and someone pulls out their phone and searches for the bar on google or maps then you can work on your local to have it appear above other bars in the same area. The same happens if someone searches or other geo-targeted searches where local targeting is the most important factor.