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We don’t have a responsive version otherwise this option will always be enable. Explicitly say why we deliver a version of the cache if the layout is the same, that is, if we don’t have a mobile version we don’t want this cache to be treat differently, rightE It’s at this point that an exception is add. We save files separately when our mobile version’s assets or elements are only load in that version. Example we have an ad that loads on mobile but not on the desktop version. In this case we save the mobile file separately. User cache the user cache is for logins.

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An option provide by the user while browsing. Cache for log -in Exit Mobile Phone Numbers users cache option for log -in users by activating this option we will be able to serve a personalize cache version for each cache. The best thing to do is to enable it when they log in but you have to pay special attention to which pages are cache and which are not as if a user enters personal data eg bank details keeping it in the cache could cause us legal problems. How to exclude pages from being cache if you want to avoid such problems, it is best to go directly to the page we want to exclude and select it in the sidebar or bottom of the options.

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Section, select never cache this page. How to BTC Database US exclude pages from cache example of how to exclude pages from cache cache lifetime in this section we just ne to indicate the duration of the files we want to generate from cache. In other words, a file is generat that holds the version of the page and this file is pass to the user when the user accesses the network. Files generat via the process manager with a longer duration than indicat will be delet and new ones creat. Things to consider some processes have been taken into account to clear and generate new cache files for them.

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