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What is it why should you use it What is a content delivery network is a service design to increase the spe at which content is deliver to users. To this end it has creat a content delivery network on different servers around the world to shorten the time it takes for users to request resources. In other words if the user is in brazil then serving the content host by the server is closer to the content host itself. The picture of how it works is taken from how the page works through these other servers that keep cach copies of the web page, when a user requests this content resource it is the closer server that makes the transfer.

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These types of services are useful when there is a large Kenya Mobile Number List amount of content such as images audio video or many visits. Don’t worry about this if your initial site traffic is low. Configuring the rocket using the setup rocket offers us the possibility to contract it at a price in us dollars per month below the euro. Content delivery networks when we sign up we get information to be able to use it. One of these elements that they give us is though we can get it if they don’t give it to us. A record that maps a source domain name to a target domain name. To use this feature with with we just point tell it which files we ne.

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Exclude files from as expect the next option is to exclude BTC Database US those files that we don’t want to pass on. Heartbeat function optimization heartbeat is a control data transfer us to establish communication between the backend frontend with the server. This type of process can be one of the reasons for the slowness. Actions that can be restrict for with include autosave revision in the post itor. Notifications in admin panel. Who is iting the information. Real-time data. If ours is working fine I don’t recommend doing anything at this point but if we notice slowness we can try limiting activity in different options.