Calendar Diagram Setup System

Calendar different branches and internal structure subdivisions of the bank may use different service principles of individuals and legal entities so you can create your own calendar for any geographical structure subdivision. For example a calendar configur with daily balance generation. By entering the menu reference calendar type, users can create their own calendar view and generate a calendar with parameters different from the system settings bas on it. Such calendars are then link to nodes of the bank’s geographic structure. In the reference calendar menu of the vehicle node you can see the calendar link to the user’s work department.

Personal account list to

Use the personal account list you ne to use the SMS Gateway Switzerland accounts menu. It contains the subsections corresponding to the accounting chapters from which they call the list of individual accounts that correspond to them. From a list the user can access all personal accounts of the person in charge including open and clos views. By using the filter he can change the list view by selecting the account with the desir status. I must say that the web interface provides accountants with ample opportunities to work with personal accounts and other lists.

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An accountant, for example

Can simultaneously open several windows with a list BTC Database US of personal accounts and display a different account selection in each window and use filters to set them up. At the same time an accountant can open multiple windows to view or it the properties of individual accounts which is not possible in the interface. Also all active windows are available in the workspace when moving to other subsystems. So for example you could go to the central bank reporting subsystem and get any available report and the workspace could contain multiple windows with a list of select accounts and transactions. It is clear that such tools significantly increase the efficiency of reporting results reconciliation.