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Today we will show you how micro segmentation combines with personalization in FreshMail. What is personalization and hyperpersonalization? The best marketing communication is one that is personal. According to the recogniz McKinsey company as many as of consumers expect personaliz communication. Start the message with the persons name. This not only increases the openness of your messages but also builds a positive relationship with the customer. Hyperpersonalization is simply a higher degree of customization. Bas on your data you can show the right products categories promotions types etc. to the right people.

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If you run a clothing store it makes no sense to offer skirts to men. For the female part of the clientele you may want to distinguish for example youth or classic cuts and direct them to different age groups. Micro segmentation start with lists of recipients FreshMail allows you to create multiple recipient groups even during the test period! In the Growth plan Business Development Directors Email Lists you can create up to separate lists. This is the beginning of your micro segmentation work as you create segments inside your audience lists. Its a good idea to create lists as large general containers for contacts. Good examples of separate lists are different types of marketing consents e.g. e book download webinar subscription and general website or when you have several stores with different products services. This will allow you to logically separate large groups of contacts.

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Remember that you can then divide each of them into segments. See how to create and manage recipient lists in FreshMail in our knowlge base . On each newly creat audience list you will immiately receive three automatic segments active have open at least of the campaign new less than a month has pass since the date of registration in the database they have not open BTC Database US any campaign they have never open any campaign Hyperpersonalization through customer segmentation The easiest way to implement high end personalization of email marketing campaigns is by creating many separate segments within your customer lists.

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