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What other topics would you like to add? Habitual tasks can continue to be done in the same way for years in a certain sequence. This is just for experience. Take new steps, make new decisions, be open to innovation, it’s just the job of the brave. You can’t grow without doing this but also don’t forget that jobs that only continue in their current order may disappear one day. That’s why I liken the experience of courage to a well-wine pairing with a fine meal. Our and Projects Go Full Speed ​​Home Blog Our and Projects Continue to Go Full ​​This is our new rewards and loyalty app.

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Rewards app for dealership dealer employees and field sales C Level Contact List representatives basically provides. Items and rewards system for each primary target audience. Our service start with Philips, Samsung and Co. With giants such as ö and ı joining our portfolio our service momentum in 2019. On the special awards website, employees of this industry-leading company in Turkey evaluate their flexible fringe. Benefits by choosing from the most outstanding awards. Here are new customers who join us are the world’s leading manufacturers of small appliances and kitchen equipment prefer our and rewards program to reward them.

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Sales representatives at sales points all over Turkey BTC Database US Nearby sales representatives will earn points for selling products in the rewards program. Our update Club Project Newspaper Bonus System ü Rewards System was for ü Newspaper Distributors and continue to develop and expand over 2 years as a Newspaper Premium System and Dealer Rewards Platform. In the new app our users win points through U of Sales and can also earn points by uploading photos to the system and answering weekly surveys or fun questions they answer. Award-winning Turkey’s leading furniture accessories brand Ş rewards multiple companies in Turkey through the award program.