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What e-commerce platforms for example do is not much different. The basic concepts and guidelines you must follow do not change if your project is install on one or the other. What you will have is a specific configuration of each software and technical specifications that you must consider to ensure the proper functioning of your online store. For example, an online store set up on share hosting would be difficult to have the same fluidity as. Don’t hesitate to get start for your online store today and what works best for you drop us a line and we’ll be happy to answer your new crawl stats.

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Report to davit engine optimization tutorial google Chile Mobile Number List crawl statistic send has re-launcher. Its update crawl statistics report it seems that the world of technical seo has been revolutionize. It is now caller. With it you will be able to understand how different bots visit your pages and gain valuable insights through this useful data. Table of contents what are crawl statistics this is a major overhaul of the crawl statistics section of the old webmaster tools. With it we will learn about the tracking history on our website.

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Different data and statistics of the history. In the BTC Database US new version, it has become a tool for dealing with logs. To some extent and is no longer just a visual chart. You can access this report through your account under settings crawl statistics. What’s new in the new report it brings several novelties: total robot requests. Group by response code, crawl file type, crawl purpose and type. Some of them will be very useful to you. Details about the state of the host. An example showing where different requests occur on. A complete overview of multi-host properties and support for domain properties.