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Other bots and fake news exist on social networks such as and . All content will be sorted by topic room based on the user’s interests (e.g. video games, books, musicality, technology, etc.). All posts are automatically deleted a few days after they are posted so there is always fresh and up-to-date content. From the moment you sign up you have to accept defined rules to interact on the social network such as not attacking people or what they post. Assume other people have good intentions. You may not attack anyone because of race, religion, race, gender, sexual orientation or gender identity. Always be kind. Robots can’t get into another to differentiate this.

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A requirement of the new social network is that it Hungary Mobile Number List requires all users to be identified by their real first and last name unless the person has another name such as in the case of a transgender person. Unlike and you just need an email account which makes it easy for bots and pseudonyms to get in. Also in order to sign up you need to link your account to a phone number so if someone gets kicked they won’t be able to sign up again unless they buy themselves a new phone number which isn’t as easy as creating a new email. Bet on hiring a team dedicated to managing each in each country.

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The content of the room is like in a chat room where BTC Database US someone takes. The role of moderator. Realizing that this decision will slow down the growth of the social network but in the long run. It will be sustainable. Will help to connect people between people in a safe manner. The rules against the use of fake news also warn that any content that has been proven to be false or shared to confuse other users will be removed. To find out who you can trust they are developing a scoring system that will determine the reputation of the user and the trust of the medium. For users, the goal is to help enterprises determine.

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