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Grab the opportunity Collect phone numbers during Black Friday On the occasion of Black Friday it is also worth thinking about the future and attracting new customers.  number when finalizing your order. As in the case of e mail addresses telephone numbers are personal data that is subject to the GDPR. Therefore you cannot buy a ready made database of numbers or fish them in the net . How then can you collect leads Use the tools in our system for this which you probably already use.

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For subscribing to the newsletter and leaving your number you can offer something in return a unique discount a free e book or early access to bargain offers. Thanks to this the customer will definitely be more willing to  Another option to obtain a phone number France WhatsApp Number List is to register for a webinar. The recipient by signing up for the event is already familiar with your offer. So you don’t have to convince him of anything. After all thanks to the webinar you will not miss any events. types of transactional emails on Black Friday inspiring examples Back to the list of entries Facebook Twitter LinkIn Google Pinterest Buffer Black Friday is a special time for most businesses. For many this is the time of the best sales results.

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Make sure your customers are satisfi with the purc BTC Database US hase process. Remember that the pay button is just the beginning. Efficient communication in the form of transactional e mails will not only increase customer satisfaction but will also relieve your Customer Service . Transactional emails are also an effective way to increase sales because immiately after the purchase the customer feels attachment and trust in the brand or products offer. So he will be willing to place another order.