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Within seconds you’ll be able to see all the suggestions it’s giving you and make a decision based on more criteria if it’s the best time to send theme text improved customization options check open rate location. Customize as much as possible. Do you remember when you started getting emails with hello Juan? They haven’t been a novelty for a while. This kind of greeting has been taken for granted. If you really want to stand out you have to talk about hyper-personalization with the help of the ai ​​tools we talked about earlier. Imagine being able to send emails containing personalities for each subscriber or segment.

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Customize your emails with elements and content so you can Benin Mobile Number List make everyone feel more connected to your brand. Email marketing ideas here are some examples to give you some ideas. Imagine you are a clothing brand and you work with an actor and another with a pop star. Using gender segmentation and name fields or even filtering by age you can send two different personalized campaigns. In addition to better connecting with customers, you will also optimize your target audience. If you want it to be more personal you can analyze their shopping habits and create with a personalized message.

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A more specific call to action could even send an offer BTC Database US of a product they’ve already selected in their cart or favorites. If we’re talking about a service, you can send a weekly summary of its activity with graphs and data on how it can improve what it achieves. Whether there’s a news event based on your favorite location that might catch your interest soon. If you need data to convince yourself that personalization in email marketing increases open rates and conversion rates. Attractive, right? Remember that any added value a brand offers keeps customers loyal to it.