Select the Product That

The client is requesting an action to perform. Choose a one-time service that does not require a contract. Register new contracts to deliver new products to customers. Data input for the operation currently in progress. Let’s revisit the principles laid out earlier and see how we implement them in the new interface. The most important controls are always within easy reach. The most important information is always at hand. Fields to enter serial and passport number customer search button button to enter new customer profile one-time service list and after selecting a customer brief information.

About him his product list

Information about the selected product list of Bulk SMS Brazil actions that can be performed on the product. In our opinion this set of control and information elements is sufficient to quickly find the right customer to select the product if required and start the desired operation. . All of this is quite a lot so as not to confuse the user. Controls and visualizations are grouped and highlighted with colors and icons so that the user doesn’t get confused even if he really wants to. We see that despite the high information saturation of the panel, the amount of information it displays is not overwhelming at all.

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This is achieved in three

Ways by first hiding information that is BTC Database US not needed for a particular session of work. If a customer is selected the customer search field will be removed from the screen. Replaced with a customer summary graphic. Replace fields to search for the screen form that a customer operates when product. Action starts with summary information about him replace the available action list diagram for the product. The list of available actions is placed in a separate screen form and can be accessed from the main panel by pressing the corresponding button or clicking a hyperlink.

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