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Once inside we’ll be able to do the same thing as cache preloading to make a faster version of the font file serve it to the user when they connect to our page. Font preloading using perform font preloading after hosting fonts we will tell the exact path of the font to use. It is recommend not to abuse different fonts on our pages as they require different downloads. Also point out that requests to the server are made using different variations of the origin let me explain bold requests underlin origin requests uppercase font requests configure advanc rules advanc rules never cache.

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Due to some uniqueness we don’t want to save cach Kuwait Mobile Number List version. From this tab we can easily enter the lists we don’t want to be cach. Never caching these gives us another tool of control besides passing. Many plugins use their own or we can even install our own to identify certain users there are many ways to use these small files. Using this we can stop caching identifi by once download to the user’s browser thereby further customizing the types of caching we want. Never cache these user-agent user-agent or user-agent is in the protocol.

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A descriptive field is us to provide information about the BTC Database US requesting device. Knowing this information we can prevent cach pages from being serv to these user agents. For example one of the user agents is because by displaying it on this part of the web we serve you a page without caching every time you visit our website. Always clear these this option is very interesting for a game such as you want to always delete its cache files when updating. For example I have some sports results I don’t want to give the user a cach version because the results are updat very frequently. Always clear the url option to always clear the cache.

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