A Register of Short Positions Opened

As of the reporting date has been form for all types of securities. The same register contains information on accru interest coupon charges for securities that were in short reverse repo positions as of the reporting date. In order to obtain revenue and expense data in the form of recovery or creation of securities depreciation reserves, two types of registers are requir which contain brief and complete information on these revenues and expenses. We will discuss in more detail in this article the new reporting forms such as tax portfolios, statements for calculating deferr tax liabilities and tax assets and data registers for preparing notifications from the f eral tax office on controll transactions, but a little later mainly usability also a few words about usability.

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Banks we are pleas to announce the new tax accounting Belarus Email List register not only retains the previous functionality but also becomes more user-friendly. On the one hand the register now looks longer as an additional column with new calculat data has been add to it and on the other hand a simple table has appear containing the main summary information about the issue. We have add a lot of formulas in the new version so now when adjusting any data of a trade the user does not ne to manually recalculate the remaining position he will imm iately see the updat result in the specially highlight field. The number of registers themselves was r uc and the data within them group in a new way.

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Accruals for coupon bonds held BTC Database US in a bank’s portfolio the user ne s to form not four registers but one. Another example new implementation register combines data from eight old registers. So now it is enough to issue three new registers. In addition to the data of tradable securities and non-tradable securities, the data of futures transactions will also be automatically generat . One benefit of the new web interface is the ability to make multiple selections system users will no doubt appreciate this.