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Brands have been hosting contests to promote their Photo and  businesses for centuries. Contests are effective because they tap into many psychological factors. First, people love receiving things for free. Contests also harness the age-old power of scarcity. People jump at the chance to enter contests, especially when they wouldn’t be able to win a prize under normal circumstances. They can imagine the emotional benefit of winning (think of the US lottery). You can increase brand awareness by hosting a contest that requires participants to submit UGC. In addition to the attraction of prizes, people enjoy the community aspect of such contests and enjoy sharing their entries with their friends.

Caveat Photo and

Before running a UGC campaign, carefully consider industry email list  what will happen if things go wrong, and only start if you are ready to deal with the consequences. Before running a UGC campaign, consider what will happen if things go wrong, says IamAaronAgius. Click to Tweet A few years ago, McDonald’s ran a campaign where users were encouraged to post their experiences with the brand using the hashtag McDstories. Instead of energizing people around the McDonald’s brand, the opposite happened. People gathered to discuss the inhumane treatment of farmed animals, health problems associated with fast food, and other awful personal stories. Years later, hashtags are still going strong.


User-recorded phone footage works well for e-commerce Btc Databaseus stores, but it’s not suitable for all scenarios. If you sell big-ticket items and have a premium brand website, a low-tech version with poor lighting and other deficiencies won’t match your brand voice. However, you can leverage user-generated content through videos. Invite viewers to your live event for high-quality footage with control over the scenery and content. John Jantsch, founder of Duct TapeMarketing, says he hires a professional video crew. Then let attendees talk. They will have a relevant third-party opinion and the footage will be of superior quality so you can show it to high-end prospects.