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Psychologist Jack Brahmi has observed that when people are given a choice between two similar items they tend to perceive the item they chose as objectively better. This is known as the free choice paradigm. If the items are substantially equal people will start inventing advantages for the items they choose. To explain this Leon Feininger proposed the concept of cognitive dissonance. He explains that we are motivated to reduce self-image inconsistencies in order to maintain our sense of identity. Feininger proposed this hypothesis in his 2010 book “The Theory of Cognitive Dissonance”. His research on what causes cognitive dissonance and how we respond to it has been.

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Cognitive dissonance has become a key example of cognitive dissonance in the fields of social psychology and psychiatry. Cognitive dissonance is not just a vague psychological theory Saudi Arabia Mobile Number List In fact, contradictory beliefs appear in our lives more often than we may care to admit. . After all, the world is not always black and white. It’s important to stay in touch with yourself and make positive changes when needed. Here are a few examples of cognitive dissonance Eating meat Suppose you like animals and think they should be treated well but you eat meat every day for convenience, health or other reasons. Feeling uncomfortable when you think about where your food comes from is a well-documented example of cognitive dissonance.

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Dieting or Dieting You may really want to improve your health or cut calories. But you might also like ice cream. This means you may experience some dissonance when you eat dessert. Smoking Most people know BTC Database US that smoking is undoubtedly a bad thing. The uncomfortable feeling a person chooses to smoke anyway is a cognitive dissonance. What Causes Cognitive Dissonance If a person finds themselves in a situation where they have to do something they disagree with they feel uncomfortable. Since they cannot escape the behavior they try to re-establish their reasons for doing it in a way that makes the behavior acceptable.