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I would like to draw the user’s attention to the presence of an attribute in the payment parameter. Manual settings affect the formation of payment and/or r emption accounting documents for the situation where payment and/or r emption is perform as a transaction after the reporting date. The impact of this functionality in more detail is discuss below when describing the process of generating rental accounting documents. In order to allocate rental costs among various cost items a special institutional chart is implement in the commercial agreement accounting system. In which the user can break down the total lease payment into smaller amounts which will be reflect in the repayment procure.

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The time of accounting. The binding of personal Democratic Republic Of the Congo Email List accounts and expense items is perform by the user in the expense income item catalog. The catalog can be generat for a specific obligation or for multiple obligations relat to the same type. In the type expenditure income field select the item to record in the rollover. Rice. Fee income allocation model mechanism of accounting operation under the lease agreement as mention earlier, the formation of accounting documents is carri out in the context of the payment sch ule stage. Furthermore, two blocks of accounting documents can be form for each phase for payment and for repayment. To create them payment and r emption proc ures use standard transaction mechanisms.

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To maintain the operational catalog and account BTC Database US types. The distribut delivery of the commercial contract accounting subsystem includes. The functionality to pay and reimburse invoices necessary to implement the commercial transaction accounting standard scheme. Link actions to system objects. The binding of operations takes place in the context of the characteristics of contract-type obligations. Several obligations with different accounting schemes can be allocat within the framework of one contract. For example, the two types of obligations under a lease agreement can be formaliz separately for sale and lease. Payments and r emption transactions will be associat with these types of obligations taking into account the specifics of the property sale and purchase and the reflection of rental lease payments.