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Loading speed ​​giving users and google the loading see they want is very important in. You’ve known for some time that you’ve been feeing us statistics on the vitals of your core network and that’s something to take into account. But a slow site doesn’t just affect our site positioning. If your site loads in seconds, what do you think will happen to your users? Exactly where they leave. Should you pay attention to some of these points to improve yours and make your website load like a rocket with quality hosting. Hosting is the foundation of our website if for.

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Save a few euros we made a mistake at this point Costa Rica Mobile Number List we may end up regretting it. Use optimize and fast-loading templates. All theme developers promise to be super fast but very few actually deliver. Please research your knees in detail before choosing a template. The fewer plugins, the better. Don’t use any plugins that don’t provide what you nee. Having them increases the requests to the server and slows down the load. Optimize images. Format them properly and keep them below as much as possible. It uses caching and compression plugins. We use what we think is the best but there are more.

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We have a guide on how to set it up in case BTC Database US you use this. Seo plugins you definitely know and know that there are specific plugins that can help you with certain configurations for optimization. We’re going to list some of them of course you haven’t tree all of these great rulers of the field over the years. Make the famous traffic lights pop in your posts. Heirs. Exploiting various bugs in the update of its main competitor has become very powerful. Recently they release additional payment options. A very complete add-on despite being visible.