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The great asset in this story of classifying leads as qualifi or not is the clarity to invest just enough resources to obtain maximum conversions bas on people’s level of familiarity with the brand. The higher an individual’s lead scoring score, the greater the likelihood of a successful sale for them. Assigning points is also a way to create increasingly customizable layers of approach : content consistent with the leads’ context will appear “like magic” for them, warming them up for future.

And qualifying these leads is essential

This approach is the lead’s “awareness” or “familiarization” with the brand, and each level of awareness can be relat to the stage of the sales funnel where the lead is. A thematic organization by stage of the funnel allows communications Latest database with leads — at all levels of awareness — to develop relationships with them at a natural pace (without irritating due to inconvenience, but without losing relevance). Example of a Marketing Funnel combining Chet Holmes’ Pyramid with Purchase Journey Tip: Content funnel: what is it and how to apply it? Join forces with the Sales team When I talk about the objective of qualifying leads, I mention that integrating the Marketing team’s data into the sales team’s routine brings enormous benefits.

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With the main benefit being increas profitability, greater customer satisfaction — as a result of the interpretation of lead scoring in the sales approach — also benefits the transformation of a sale into a remarkable experience ! There’s no way this combination can go wrong: Marketing and sales are hands-on when it comes to pushing sales forward with maximum productivity. To do this, be sure to take advantage of Orgânica’s lead calculator ! Lead Calculator Spreadsheet Qualifying leads with Inbound Marketing The relationship between Inbound Marketing and lead qualification is complementary because Inbound was develop precisely to generate leads .

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This attraction (and increasingly better conversion rates) happens through incrible content that appears “magically” in front of leads who are looking for solutions on the Internet. When a lead is nurtur by content generat in an Inbound Marketing strategy , they are ucat by the brand. This familiarization starts a relationship and the more content the BTC Database US lead consumes, the hotter it will become! The hotter it is, the more information the lead will make available, opening space for even more convincing approaches that will ultimately qualify you for a potential sale. Tip: Inbound Marketing Strategy: find out what you can’t miss It’s time to win customers! Tell me something: did I guess your doubts as if I had us a crystal ball? Jokes aside, I hope I made clear the stark difference that lead qualification makes in increasing sales.