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Speaking of ai in email marketing it is impossible not to mention the freshmail sendguard project where you were the coordinator of the scientific team. According to the professor will the solution we have develop introduce something new in the field of ai in email marketing.can we expect. As a person associat with the project I have here not only knowlge about it but also a positive attitude to the importance of the results we have develop. I think that the most important elements of the project which in my opinion will translate into innovations for the entire industry are issues relat to behavioral analysis.

This can translate into greater

What why and when customers do with emails.  effectiveness of this marketing and this is among others the core business of freshmail. The second very important element is security. There is a thin line between marketing email and something that the user perceives as unsolicit email I.E. Spam. And it is relat to the first part which is personalization. At B2B Email List freshmail we have a well design policy to send only those emails that the user has consent to. However it often happens that the content is not match to the user’s nes and thus it is perceiv as unwant e mail. The solutions we develop in the project have certainly translat into an improv understanding of where the line lies between useless and unwant e mail.

B2B Email List

That is why sendguard’s solutions

The one hand we improv the functioning of various types of security and on the other hand we combin the element of personalization and behavioral analysis with the element of security.are in my opinion innovative. At some business conferences there is a cert BTC Database US ain level of naivety that all you ne is to have a lot of data pay enough to a machine learning expert and wait a while to bring out novel effects from ai. And when it comes to working on the project itself what were the biggest challenges at each stage in your opinion. The ones that often happen in r&d projects.

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