If you want to optimize your time

My recommendation is that you choose 3 or 4 content pillars and define which categories you are going to treat within each of those categories and even the objective they pursue. Choose which channels you are going to work In the previous section of this post we have seen several channels that you can work on within your content strategy, so it is time for you to decide which ones to include in your strategy and which ones not . My recommendation is that if you are going to start.

Start with one or two channels

It depends on what your resources are) and focus Hungary Phone Number List on those that you think can help you the most or are easier for you to work with. Starting with all of them at once (or with several of them) if you don’t have a team can be crazy. Better to focus on a few to get the most out of it than to do a lot, but not very well . Select the keywords you want to rank for Positioning is what will make your content stand out from the rest and have more visibility, be it on Google, YouTube or on social networks.

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So you have to be clear about which

Keywords you are interest in positioning with your content and which ones would be easier for you to position so that the user finds you and your effort is reward. Create a content calendar to plan yourself  and avoid the stress of “putting out fires”, you ne to plan as well as possible. To do this, the ideal is to have a content BTC Database US calendar in which you write down what content is going to appear on each channel that you use in your strategy and all the information you ne about it, as well as the state it is in to know if you have to do something else or you can already program it. Analyze the results and improve your strategy.