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The WebP is supported by all modern browsers except Internet Explorer. Here is a list of support on desktop browsers Google Chrome full support starting from version . Mozilla Firefox full support since version . Opera full support since version . Safari partial support since version . Full support since version . Microsoft Edge full support starting with Chrome engine version . On the Google Chrome engine for Android full support. Safari on iOS Full support starting with iOS . For older versions of desktop browsers that do not support WebP you can enable the display of images in formats WebP and regular JPEGPNG. This will ensure that graphics are displayed correctly on all devices.

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For mobile devices running iOS and earlier there is no polyfill option Korea Telegram Number Data so they will be given JPEGPNG images instead of WebP. How to open a file in WebP format The WebP format is not yet supported by the builtin image viewing capabilities of most operating systems. But this is easy to get around in several ways Use browser Modern browsers Chrome Opera Firefox Edge Yandex Browser can open and display WebP files. For this it is enough Download the image from the site or find it on your computer.

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Rightclick on it. Select Open with select the browser name. How to open Malaysia Phone Number List a file in WebP format The image will open in a new browser tab. Install special programs For Windows you can download applications XnView IrfanView . You can also open a WebP image in standard Paint . On Mac you can use the following applications GraphicConverter WebPViewer . How to convert images to WebP format There are several ways to convert graphics to WebP Online services This is the easiest way to convert several images one time.