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These contents can be questionnaires, calculators, interactive videos or interactive maps. How to start your content marketing strategy? Define your buyer persona The first and main thing that you must have defin is who your potential client or buyer person is , because the content you create must be thinking for him. Therefore, if you still do not have it well defin, stop and create this fictitious file with all the detail information of your ideal client to be able to continue with your content marketing strategy.

Define the goals you want to achieve

The second thing is that you are very clear about the Jamaica Phone Number List objectives you want to achieve with your content marketing . For example: Make my brand visible. Stand out as a professional in my sector. Increase visits to my website. Create a community on social networks. Increase sales of my services or products. Etc. This is very important, so take the time you ne to define your main objective and what you want to achieve with your strategy, since the rest of the steps will depend on it . Analyze the current situation One of the things that can help you the most to define your content strategy is to analyze the current situation, both of your brand.

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Your sector or your audience

This analysis will give you information about what problems your potential customer has. What are the trends in the sector, what your competition is doing. What opportunities your brand has to differentiate itself, what your customers think, etc. Defines the content pillars to be treat One of the mistakes networks. Is not defining the BTC Database US content pillars that your brand will treat. Talking about everything a little will attract people of dispers tastes , so it can complicate creating a community around your potential customer so that this effort can later become customers of your brand.