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You manually pause for a duration such as choosing between weeks or specifying a specific date to end your test in. Finally it is important to understand the enabling sync part. From our point of view this is very useful as we no longer need to manually make changes in the test activity. If we keep in sync changes made to the base activity will be automatically synced to the test activity. For example if we add a new ad to the campaign or change the title it will automatically be applied to the test campaign. How to know if an experiment in is working Once our ad experiment has been running for a few days we can see the results in this section.

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Experiments All Experiments Find the experiment Tunisia Mobile Number List whose performance you want to see and click on it. Two columns will be display Basic Activity and Experiment You will be able to see all main differences and confidence intervals. The latter is important because it tells us whether the results can be considere statistically significant. By default you’ll see performance data for Clicks, CTR, Cost, Impressions, and All Conversions. I already have my test results. Now what? When you have enough data to make a decision, you have two options: Apply an experiment to a campaign if the experiment shows that the test strategy gives you better results.

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You can apply changes to the original campaign BTC Database US or to a new campaign. If you choose the latter a new campaign will be create and the existing version will be automatically pause. In all cases the experiment will be terminate. Terminating the experiment You can simply stop the experiment if you are not satisfies with the results. Don’t take it to heart. The original campaign will continue to run with traffic and the experimental version will be market complete. Hint analysis results can be complex especially when we test certain bid strategies. The success of some bidding strategies depends heavily on the campaign budget.