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Of the following services: client data retrieval service synchronous client save service internally calls client lookup service synchronous service for loan agreement creation service internally calls service for payment sch ule and invoice creation asynchronous. Considering the fact that some requests on the bus are process asynchronously or during a call to another service it turns out that the process includes a request contract where one is asynchronous. The load test targets are shown in the table.

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The target complex and its components is also carri out Belize Email List on a product basis in the equipment it provides and in its own laboratories. Integrat solution under load as part of load testing we have start the simulation of the shorten process of loan issuance in several stages and increas the load that is to say with the increase in the number of parallel threads to simulate many users working at the same time. There is also a simulat background cr it automation system that interacts with the terminal system. Use a stub instead of a real terminal system.

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The estimat data of the number of bus integration BTC Database US service calls in a process instance corresponding to the average index when the operator uses the module. Process mocks and stubs are implement using . The duration of each individual bus business service is fix . The run time for each stage of the test is limit to minutes. The test will be abort if an error occurs on the bus. In order to compare the effectiveness of the test results, the same physical server and a single functional scenario are us , in which the three applications and the corresponding databases are all install on the same physical server.