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Information overload is no joke it lowers the energy of your recipients and besides who will find themselves in such information chaos So use clear and factual messages. Okay so where to start Let’s say you already have a specific goal what next Campaign targeting The second step should be to define our target group. We ne to think about who will be most affect by the content we provide. If however we know to whom we want to direct our offer the entire message should be tailor to this specific recipient.

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Who is our addressee You can read about the differences between the two genders in the purchasing decisions of the two sexes in the article Women and men shopping online . But actually how do we know what kind of audience we have what they like Nepal WhatsApp Number List what they ne and what interests them And how to adjust our messages to them This is where ready made solutions come in handy. Tagging and personalization You probably already know these two functions which are often perceiv as something like black magic but in fact the whole process is very simple and intuitive.

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Example By tagging campaigns or links you will know which of your offers seem the most attractive to the recipients. Imagine a furniture store that offers a whole range of different types of furniture for different types of rooms. Their marketer can send and tag two camp BTC Database US aigns and the links in it . For example one of them will be dicat to kitchen furniture and the other to bathroom furniture. This way you can find out what exactly the offer the recipient is interest in what room is being renovat what colors of furniture he is interest in. Thanks to this the next sent campaign can already be personaliz and thus it will be more effective and as a result generate more profits.

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