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Keyword analysis of a domain in the keyword domain. Finally when the keyword research is done we can upload it to the keyword planner where we will collect all the metrics related to the selected keywords and in an updated manner. As for conducting keyword research we mainly have two modules keyword explorer and site explorer for organic keywords. The first one provides us with all the necessary information about any keyword in different search engines from to through abide or amazon. Keyword planner view of keyword planner.

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As for organic keywords it provides us with a list of Pakistan Mobile Number List those keywords that the analysis site is targeting. It is also possible to categorize these terms according to the market. A detailed view of keyword metrics is included in keywords. It allows us to create a keyword list making it easier for us to monitor our keyword research. The information provided to us related to each word in both reports is as follows: volume, keyword difficulty, traffic, position, , historical position of the keyword on the web, past month graph only in the premium plan as we can see these two tools mentioned.

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The features offered are similar to what we can all BTC Database US do with proper keyword research. Our suggestion is to use both at the same time and leave it at that. We’d like to give it a tie at this point but that’s not really the goal of our article. We’re going to get wet and say it’s our favorite to do keyword research. Because recently in different projects we have observed that the traffic data and traffic estimates associated. With each keyword are far from the reality or at least far from the reality provided by other professional. Tools and it is worth noting in who has worked in recent years to improve this by providing fairly close data.