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Currently the system executes the request for brief information from the national register of legal persons. This is the most necessary and desired function. However, it is too early to stop there. The exchange format provided by the federal tax office describes responses to requests for complete information and customer extracts. The company’s near-term plans are to implement this portion of the exchange and the ability to update the master profile based on the data received. The new features are available to every one of our customers today.

Updating the system to

The latest patches automatically fetches information SMS Gateway Lithuania about customers from the national. Register of legal entities and individual entrepreneurs best quality of the lending module users of the lending module get acquainted directly with its wide range of features and appreciate the ease of working at the front desk and the convenience and convenience of the middle desk fluency and speed of background programs. The tools for bank technicians who are in charge of setting up bank products and personal loan parameters in the system for customers are varied and simple to demonstrate all its features will take hours. In addition, the developer company is constantly expanding the list of parameters for setting special variable mechanisms tariff operations and debt types.

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For background staff

The lending module provides a whole set of batch BTC Database US processing programs and is equipped with the possibility of pipeline execution. And with the help of a task scheduler, bank administrators or technicians can support 24/7 operations. The system provides rich functions to ensure the life cycle of loan products. For example, risk control, borrower credit review, etc, can set up. A convenient workstation for middle office employees, which will take into account. All the characteristics of large-scale bank business process organizations. Front office operations such as filling out application forms to issue and maintain loan agreements have not been overlooked. T

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