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They are vital in determining customer satisfaction and knowing where to improve. It is a task in charge of personnel control and they are responsible for indicating to you which direction your company is heading. The 5 KPIs for call centers that you should know Customer satisfaction: it is the most relevant of all. It helps you measure customer satisfaction with the call, the product, and the company. Surveys are the most useful tool to carry out this KPI. Resolution in the First Call: it is the ability of your call center to solve problems in the first call with a client. It is directly link to customer satisfaction.

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Accessible your call center is to customers. Again Bolivia Phone Number List it is vital to improve it to increase customer satisfaction . Schule adherence: is responsible for measuring how much time, during their workday, the agent is available to answer calls or manage data. A gWhy contact? What problem do you have? Have you bought before? With an example you will be able to see the importance of personalization and what it consists of. Imagine that Pro has problems with the storage of his smartphone . He is very small and has fallen short in a very short time. He searches the Internet for how to fix it and comes across the blog of your mobile store.

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That storage cannot be expand and that the best, albeit expensive, solution is to upgrade to a model with more memory . Pro decides, from your same page, to contact the chat to see what device he can buy. At this point, if you have a data personalization system , you will know that Pro has perform a search relat to BTC Database US storage. Also that he has read the article relat to forgetfulness on your blog. The agent who attends you will be able to personalize your nes to the extreme, without asking you and offering you a solution that is as simple and direct as possible .