A List of Individual Accounts

Forming the object of analysis. The analysis objects in the commercial contract accounting subsystem are obligation agreements and counterparties. That is, the personal account us in the post can be set in the context of any of the list objects. When generating an accounting document for a particular debt, the system will first search for the personal account for that debt and if none is found it will further be bas on the counterparty under the contract. For example, we notic that it is more convenient to set up settlement accounts with counterparties for counterparty analysis objects.

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Determin automatically when generating accounting Djibouti Email List documents for all newly creat contracts and obligations involving this counterparty. Execute the proc ures for forming business accounting documents. The following describes the application of the payment and repayment proc ures for lease payment accounting in the business contract accounting subsystem. Lessee accounting let us consider the order in which lessees are reflect in lease transaction accounting.

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Inventory cards in fix assets. The acceptance of fix assets is BTC Database US calculat through the receiving behavior and entrusting behavior of forming fix assets. The entries reflecting the property value of off-balance sheet accounts are debits and cr its form according to entrust actions. In the following, you post the quantities that indicate the account type according to the account. Type catalog of the subsystem fix assets and business contract accounting. In order to correctly account for the leas object in the fix assets system and perform posting correctly, it is necessary to indicate the ownership of the object when making the commissioning certificate. Lease or lease has the right to purchase and select the operation input of operating the leased object. In the future, the system will monitor the object ownership parameters to not allow depreciation for these objects.