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Some of these factors support being the seventh global economic center. Almost all of the growth in Latin America in the coming years will come from it becoming perhaps the most important creative node in the region. UNAM, the most patented university in Latin America, is located in Mexico City. One-third of researchers from the National Researchers System are in New York City. In addition, some of the patents granted to Mexicans were granted to residents. In the beginning of the Mexican capital so innovation will be the engine of the city’s development in the coming years. Guadalajara Silicon Valley, Mexico It is no surprise that our company chose Guadalajara as the headquarters for its facility.

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Guadalajara has been called Mexico’s version of Silicon El Salvador Mobile Number List Valley. HP, Intel and all major US technology companies are major players in the development of the technology industry in the region. Guadalajara is a geeky city with several tech startups and growing. The city is home to Oyarakouski. Many software companies operate in Guadalajara. Intel’s only Latin American research lab is located in Guadalajara. Also opened the first smart data center in Mexico. The national and municipal governments have established favorable conditions for the development of new technology enterprises.

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The city is investing in the development of technology BTC Database US hubs, data centers and smart cities. To be at the forefront of Mexico’s digital revolution. Seeds of innovation These cities meet all the requirements to be the main hotbeds of tech companies in Mexico, but we hope that over time new poles of development and innovation will emerge in other parts of the country. Do you think there are other Mexican cities that can compete in this ranking of the best inventions and how they benefit humanity? Tour the United States from start to finish in minutes. This may seem like a fictional movie scene but they all exist. In real life and were created by Elon Musk’s ingenuity.