Project Accounting Models to

Value each item of real property, plant and equipment, and intangible assets, cr it institutions must select one of the following two accounting models: at historical cost less accumulat depreciation and accumulat impairment losses and at revalu cost to represent the item at fair value at the revaluation date less any subsequent accumulat depreciation and any impairment losses. Users of the fix assets subsystem ne to reflect that the asset belongs to one or the other accounting model by selecting the appropriate value in the field of the same name in the accounting parameters panel of the inventory card.

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To record most fix and intangible assets SMS Gateway Serbia at historical cost so it is sufficient for them to choose an appropriate accounting model and state salvage values ​​where necessary. For projects that will make fair value decisions, in addition to specifying an accounting model bas on revaluation costs, they also ne to revaluate the object according to fair value. Property types and reclassification regulation no. 1 introduces significant changes to the property classification system, highlights new property types such as long-term assets held for sale, labor acquir under compensation or pl ge contracts, means and object and its purpose is not specifi.

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Involves performing multiple asset classification BTC Database US operations. All fix assets and intangible assets expect to be dispos of through sales should be transferr to the category of long-term asset sales. Real estate other than means of labor includes intangible assets and long-term items that land can be transferr to the category of fix assets and sold or sold according to the decision of the organization’s management. Labor items can be transferr to inventory categories or sold as determin by the organization’s management.  In this case the balance of the accru property value increase account from the previous revaluation of the object will be assign the amount subtract from the total loss.