Identify your mindset and skills gap

shout about employees that take the time to learn through your internal networks or at meetings. Spot awards – this rewards a ‘learner of the month’ for example with a voucher or company day off. Monetary bonus – a cash bonus or extra money in a paycheck on a quarterly or annual basis. Offer certifications – offering a recogniz certification is a great way to validate learning that can be shar in the company and on social networks. Include gamification – if you have a learning management system. Think about including badges or leaderboards to encourage healthy competition another way to incentivize learning is to develop a peer-to-peer scheme in which employees come together to share knowlge and skills. This can be done at all levels to ensure team leaders and members get the benefit of each other’s know-how

Become a world class digital marketer

Become a world class digital marketer 5) provide relevant training and functional learning it may seem obvious to offer relevant training. But a lot of organizations are still not doing it properly. You may have a learning management system in place. But is it up-to-date with today’s skill nes? Does it reflect the external world in terms of knowlge? When you look at the skills requir in the business. Map that to the training you offer. So if you ne a social mia specialist. Offer training in that area so other team members can be up to spe. It’s also crucial to offer training that lends itself to functional learning and ensure your staff are ‘job ready’.

Whether it’s digital marketing

You ne your workforce to have skills that are instantly applicable and relevant across business areas so they can carry out specific digital functions. One of the challenges with digital. Whether it’s digital marketing or achieving social selling success is that it changes all the time. This means that skills can go out of date quickly and new things – software. Social apps. Algorithms – ne to be learn to keep up. Conclusion: future proof your business & employees as you can see there are many ways to get your digital skills up to spe to keep up with digitization. It’s about understanding your business and employees so you can create personaliz and valuable experiences that cultivate careers. Your marketing and sales teams are valuable assets and ne to be nurtur to ensure performance and retention. After all. It’s a competitive employee market out there. It’s easier to train the staff you already have in the skills they ne than to continuously hire new ones. Offer tailor training that transforms your workforce the best way to compete in today’s digital landscape is to have the talent requir to drive transformation. At the digital marketing institute. Assess your digital competitiveness and create a tailor training program that will close the skills gaps in your organization.