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Grow your email marketing audience by organizing a contest on Instagram Is your email marketing audience growing at a snail’s pace Use Instagram to expand its resources. Organize a competition in which you will offer a tempting prize the so call lead magnet in exchange for subscribing to your newsletter . Remember however that social mia also has rules that you must follow. I recommend you to read a great article by Instagram foodie Asia Banaszewska . Advice from the author When organizing a contest don’t forget to use the hashtag yourmark.

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It will facilitate the search for your company strengthen the online community increase the number of new observers and thus target subscribers. Don’t forget to transfer hashtags to email marketing as well you’ll appreciate their value after putting them into practice. Instagram email marketing Source Kringle Candle Brand Newsletter . Use User Generat Content in Germany Business Fax List email marketing UGC is user generat content the so call web publicity. The data shows that of respondents collect information about a product or service before purchasing. On the other hand for of the respondents the opinions of their relatives and friends are the best source of information about products. Take advantage of all positive opinions reviews comments about both your company and products. Get followers to share and show how they use your product.

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Then convert it to email marketing. Apply social proof in your mailing and your sales will increase significantly. Ask for feback from your email marketing audience as well. The best way will be to use email API and SMTP. Thanks to this service after shop BTC Database US ping your customer will receive an email asking them to write a review share it on Instagram. Modern customers require us to act on many levels which is why cooperation between email marketing and Instagram is desirable. However it requires a lot of commitment from us. Creating a precise and coherent strategy for both platforms defining the goal.

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