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So it’s about getting very segment visits through long tail strategies to help you get high quality traffic and high conversion rate conversion bookings. The Importance of Search Intent As we mention before everyone is different and searches differently. Google knows that with each search users are at a different point in the buying process and thus their imm iate goals are different. In the first search the user is acquiring information possibly to make a purchase later. In the second search he now wants to buy but he doesn’t know which product to choose or.

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Service so he consults other sites to find more information to Honduras Mobile Number List help him make a decision. This is what one should think about when explaining the customer journey. Let’s take a look at a case study appli to the hotel and travel industry. Audience. At this stage, users are in the listening or discovery stage. They will conduct searches such as ideas for traveling with children and consult travel blogs, destination websites, and social network research. At this stage of awareness users are already shaping their destination and conducting geo-target mid-tail or long-tail searches for hotels in Paris hotels near Disneyland.

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Considerations Users weigh and evaluate different BTC Database US opinions of hotel sites and travel comparators as above here. Action This is the conversion phase. The user searches for the type Magic Circus Hotel Weekend Deals and makes a booking on Etc. Promotion. In the final phase, the loyalty user shares his review on the website of the hotel where he stay during his vacation and shares it on social networks and different Leave a comment on. Architecture Groups keywords into orient categories. In hotel SEO, a well-defin web architecture is the taxonomy of organizing information and mass taxonomies and the different content that makes up a website.