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Expand your current role You don’t need a new role to develop new skills. Instead, working with your boss brings interesting challenges to your current role. A social media manager who wants to create a video can suggest shooting more content for the company’s online platform. Both of these skills apply to the day-to-day work of digital content something new to companies and changing roles. Stay where you are If you don’t want to be a manager you probably won’t be able to fulfill your current role. It’s normal to plateau in a position for a few years, but if your current job is still challenging and fulfilling, you may not be ready to be a manager.

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You may be apprehensive about becoming a manager when you are tired of your current role or more confident in your management skills. It’s okay to say no Often companies offer Dubai Phone Number List promotions as a reward for a job well done. This can be awkward when the manager role is not what the employee wants. But saying no means denying the reward, which feels unnatural. If this sounds familiar, you probably don’t want to appear ungrateful or be labeled a job-attached person. Young women are at home thinking about what to do if you don’t want to be a manager but if your position is miserable you are not much help to upper management you accept because you are just afraid of rejection.

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Here’s how to politely decline a promotion to show gratitude. This is a bonus so be sure to say thank you. Your boss and upper management notice all your hard work and want you to be an integral part of the organization. Acknowledge this when you say no BTC Database US Explain what success means to you. Leadership may come naturally to you management may not a good fit for your career goals, at least not yet. Explain what you hope to accomplish as an individual contributor and why staying there is the best option for you. Don’t answer right away. When your boss offers you a promotion, you’re tempted to say yes right away.