Myths about the Community Manager or

Myths about Do you really know what a community manager is? What are your roles and responsibilities in a company? In this article, I want to talk to you about the myths of the Community Manager created by not being very clear about what their functions are, and their work not being valued as it should. For a few years now, there has been a lot of talk about the Community Manager and the need for companies to have one on their staff to manage the brand’s presence on social networks. But, although it is thought that everyone knows what this professional represents.

This is not true

And therefore, myths are created around his responsibilities and work. I have been in this profession for about 2 years, and the truth. Is that I have already heard everything company data about this professional. It is incredible that after these years where so much has. Been said about this profession, there are still people who think that. Being a community manager is: A hobby; Which anyone. Who masters a couple of social networks does; The professional. Who knows more than 20 different marketing specialties; Work a couple of hours a day and the rest of the hours live for the posturing, etc. And this is why today I want to talk about this topic and comment on some of these myths to see if I help eliminate the misconception that people have about this profession.

It's amazing Myths about

People still think like that! This is a job like any other. And like in all jobs we also earn for the tasks we perform. Furthermore, becoming a good community BTC Database US manager is not free. We train to build a capable and appropriate professional profile. Therefore, this must be taken into account when trying to hire a. CM, do not ask the professional for the sky and instead offer a pittance for their work. Only social communicators can work as Community Managers. Another myth that I have seen out there throughout this time is. That only a person specialized in communication can be a CM. 

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