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The general condition that the contract is of the profitable type and the obligations under the contract are mark with the rent sign. Rents receiv on time are reflect in the payment sch ule through the payment program forming the following vat amount postings. The accounting for accru lease payment income is reflect in the repayment entry. As in the case of lessee accounting, the conditions for forming a posting are the sequence of proc ures that must first be execut for the phase of the payment proc ure and only then the repayment.

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Accounting to include the rental amount in the Ecuador Email List deferr income account, the payment date is earlier than the payment date and also compare the month and year of the date, then the payment program will generate the following entries payment amount excluding vat vat amount vat amount. Lease payments accru in such cases will be reflect in the corresponding reporting period through repayment transactions. The order in which the unpaid rent is reflect in the system is the user first goes through the repayment proc ure and then goes through the payment proc ure.

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The contract is reflect in the posting of the repayment BTC Database US program. Accounting documents for paying vat to the budget are generat after payment. Exchange rate differences under foreign exchange contracts are account for. In the same manner as lessees at the time of payment. Note that when using payment sch ules the lessor has the opportunity. To generate payment invoices and the act of accepting services for work perform . Each such file can be issu for plann single and multiple payments by combining select data in the master file. The lessor reflects the return of property in the fix asset subsystem by changing ownership from lease to ownership. This act specifies the posting of the amount us for the book value of the object.