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Continuous Learning and Feedback Agility is more than fluidity and flexibility. It’s about learning and growing as the process adapts to change and grows. So one of the core components of the agile way of working means that the organization is constantly learning. This unlocks feedback mechanisms that help further agile practice. Improving employee engagement McKinsey also studies employee engagement as it relates to workplace flexibility. The same report cited above analyzed organizations in six different sectors. On the McKinsey scale they measure the outcomes of agile transformations including employee engagement. It was found that after the agile transformation, employee engagement increased by 100%.

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We know employee engagement is a struggle for all organizations especially now. An employee engagement gap has long existed in today’s workforce. Adopting agile practices can help improve employee engagement in an organization. Increased Visibility and Transparency Bulgaria Mobile Number List Another benefit of Agile is increased visibility and transparency. Agile methods are built on this idea of ​​cross-collaboration. This means team members are working across functions and departments and breaking down silos. It results in transparent project management where team members are able to work together towards common goals. It also helps promote open communication. Resilience-enhancing changes are here to stay. With the acceleration of change.

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It is important for organizations to make systemic changes to help adapt to change rather than fight it. Agile organizations are more resilient and adaptable when it comes to change BTC Database US As McKinsey says resilient organizations don’t bounce back. They bounce forward. Instilling agility is key to building resilience though it starts at the personal level. Better innovation and problem solving Agile organizations are better equipped to solve tough problems. Why agile teams are dynamic, responsive and collaborative. Agile teams rely on iterations to help unlock the best outcomes for problems. An agile organization is also a diverse organization that stimulates new ideas and ways of working. Increased Productivity Another benefit of an agile organization is increased productivity.