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This is one of the key areas of the project. Howeverthe value of sendguard for the industry will hopefully change the perception of spam industry spam marketing spam. However personally I am a pessimist when it comes to the flood of unwant content or information noise I think that this is not something that will disappear and to what extent artificial intelligence will help us it is not known. A brand that has been the victim of such an impersonat attack may find it difficult to continue its business.

In our project we conduct

I understand that is we will observe changes in reality. a shallow and deep link analysis. Can the professor explain why such an analysis is important from the point of view of spam phishing. Link analysis is one of the most effective elements for catching phi Fax Lists shing. In turn phishing is one of the most dangerous forms of e mails that are associat with marketing and are very often harmful to the entire industry. These are messages sent in order to obtain sensitive data most often data relat to access to some financial systems. They look like marketing emails but the intention is different.

 Fax Lists

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Well because one of the elements of the project was the analysis of intentions I.E. what can this e mail really be about. And here we mainly examin the content we did a deep link analysis I.E. What the links in a given email are how deep they go what number of conn BTC Database US ections they go through etc. All this to find out whether it is a marketing email or a phishing attack. Modules that have been develop in sendguard to catch these s. Because a brand that has been the victim of such an attack which someone has impersonat may have difficulties with continuing its business.