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The 6 key technologies for a call center in 2023 1.- ACD: the software in charge of receiving, managing and distributing all the calls that arrive at the call center . Your goal is to get every call to the right agent . 2.- IVR: allows users to interact with the call center without the ne for an agent. It is the “voice” that guides you through the different departments and asks questions to assess the status of your call. Some are so advanc that they can resolve doubts without the call going through an agent. 3.- CRM: it is a system that manages everything that happens in the call center , from calls with users to calls between agents.

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Systems and automates a large part of the actions Ecuador Phone Number List of a common call center . 4.- CTI: it is the technology in charge of eliminating the telephone lines of the call centers . Thanks to the Internet and devices such as computers and smartphones , he is able to make and receive calls without a fix line and from anywhere in the world. It is capable of making a call between devices without the ne for coverage. Instead of using analog phone lines, the IP protocol is us to transmit the voice and other data necessary for the call. 6.- Call recording: it is legal if you meet the requirement to notify the user.

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Calls and train new call center staff. Send comment Marketing directo vs marketing indirecto Feb 15, 2023 | Telemarketing | 0 Comments In the world of marketing there are many words, definitions and terms that, when you start, can be difficult to manage and understand. Today we review two basic ones: Direct Marketing and BTC Database US Indirect Marketing . Both are well known and us, although not equally. The first is much more us than the second. There is a clear difference between the two, and to know it you must first know what each thing is.