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Have come into force. In order to spe up the adaptation process of cr it and financial institutions to the new environment, the company’s developers improv the backend of securities operations in the solution to work in financial markets. The most notable change follows the separation of different types of accounting. Now internal accounting and depositary accounting are carri out independently of each other. Improv system performance due to more complete use of the capabilities of modern multiprocessor servers.

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New convenient and beautiful interface. In Cape Verde Email List this article we will discuss account separation and improving performance in detail. Share independent accounting since its inception, the securities back office has been a module where accounting formation is an integral part of almost any transaction processing or service transaction activity. It was later add in . Internal accounting entries are form simultaneously with accounting entries. And although internal accounting can be disabl or enabl through settings, in fact accounting and internal accounting are inseparable. Delivery is account for in accounting and internal accounting in the same transaction processing step. Instructions to custodians are also generat.

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In the company’s practice, some projects do not ne BTC Database US bookkeeping at all and only ne to do internal bookkeeping. Also separating accounting from other departments is no easy task. So in the new version of the module we have chang the technology for processing transactions and securities transactions so that we can clearly maintain different types of accounting separately and add additional accounting types if necessary that is accounting according to import rules and not according to russia bank no. Regulations. For example payment events clearly do not imply the performance of depositary accounting. Finish. That’s it we’ve been counted.