Legal and practical aspects

Legal and very low and only a narrow group of those entitl to such an. Exemption will be able to benefit from such an exemption. In turn, if an entrepreneur has chosen to be tax on a tax scale and wants to pay. Advances quarterly, he or she should consider switching to monthly calculation of PIT. Advances if he or she wants to pay health insurance contributions up to the amount of the PIT advance. This is due to, among others, from the fact that the health insurance. Contribution from is also settl in such periods. All the assumptions we wrote about in the article are directly relat to the applicable ZUS regulations in this regard.

In the Legal and publication

We also describ the position of ZUS in the issu decision, as well as the response to the inquiry sent to ZUS. The provision of the Health Act leaves no doubt that the settlement of PIT advances, regardless of the form of taxation, should be made on a monthly basis. This applies to entrepreneurs with a moderate philippines photo editor or severe degree of disability who want to benefit from exemption from health insurance contributions or its limitation to the amount of the PIT advance. As you can see, the health insurance premium paid in the new way now also has a significant impact on the rules for settling income tax advances.

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