Sooner or Later There Will Be

It will encounter problems of uncontrolled chaos. Users keep asking for more and more features. But no matter how well designed it is thoughtful these features do not always fit harmoniously into the original architecture. Furthermore, the technology and infrastructure tools used in the system either evolve or become obsolete then the new one takes its place. It is far from always possible for a software product to combine an upgrade of its technical base with a broad increase in functionality will inevitably become obsolete.

A critical moment in the system

That needs to be straightened out, otherwise Ireland Business Fax List it is impossible to develop it at the same speed. At the same time it is still necessary to somehow avoid the notorious second system effect and give up the temptation to rewrite everything. In this sense the history of retail banking automation systems from the series is very representative. The product has been in development for more than 20 years and the breadth of the system has been growing rapidly. The market constantly needs to expand the functionality and services of existing products for the implementation of new types of services for individuals.

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Equally important, of course

As the code grows is the number of settings that are not always BTC Database US logically organized. The cost of developing, implementing, and maintaining the system increases steadily. It is becoming increasingly difficult for developers to handle their creations themselves. Changes have been brewing for a long time just waiting for the right moment. Finally the moment has come and the company has started creating modules with. An interface to provide services to individuals single window for details see the article single window guide. As part of this project we decided to kill two birds with one stone and develop a new modern and convenient user interface for the front end.

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