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Lovelace She was the first programmer in history. A lover of mathematics and science, he discovered a programming language whose contributions set a precedent in computing. America created a language and named it after her in her honor. It’s been called the mother of computing. Lovelace is said to have discovered the first computer exploit on his machine. Heidi Lemma is a typical Hollywood movie star. In addition, Heidi has been regarded as a genius by teachers since she was a child because of her outstanding intelligence. Responsible for creating Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum which is the basis for developing technologies such as Bluetooth and connectivity.

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Jude Minho, known online by his pseudonym, is a Anhui Mobile Phone Number List notorious hacker and defender of individual rights on the Internet. She is the author of the term cyberpunk and a founding member of the group of the same name. Programmer, writer, rebel, defender of Internet rights. Evelyn Berezina is the first office computer. In 2010 he thought of creating a program to manage and create texts that would help secretaries do their jobs. She was also the creator of the first flight reservation system for a North American airline. Lynn Conway was a pioneer in the fields of computer architecture and microelectronics.

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Much of the development of silicon chip design has been BTC Database US base on her work, and many designers have been research through her co-book, Introduction to Systems. He work on the first superscalar computer. Francis Allen who laid the theoretical and practical foundations for automatic optimization techniques in compilers A compiler is the part of a computer that converts program instructions into machine-understandable code. He define some of the techniques that are still in use today that help make machines more efficient. She has won the Turing Award, known as the Nobel Prize of computer science, more than any other woman.