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Today we will tell you what are the keys to segmenting a database correctly. To give you an idea, according to several studies, the fact of segmenting a campaign can make its opening rate grow by 203%. Yes, you read that right, 203%. How is an email database segment? The following questions are vital so that an email sending database can be segment in a correct and optimiz way. 1.- Do cleaning. Cleaning your registry listing is vital. When we talk about “cleaning” we refer to an audit of duplicate , old, bounc data, etc. Having poor quality data will only waste money and effort. 2.- Define the objective of the campaign.

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you must set an objective for the campaign. have Czech Republic Phone Number List succe or not. 3.- Define your target . Who should receive my campaign? Breaking down this question, you must find the target audience you want for your campaign. Of course, you must rely on your product or service to find it. 4.- Do not segment too much. It is vital not to fall into “over segmentation”. This happens when you segment a target audience so much that you get a very low level of contacts. You must remain halfway between the general public and the more specific public. It is estimat that 60% of users receive advertising emails with offers or news that do not interest them.

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You to personalize the emails you send and, with this, improve your opening and response rate. Send comment Your email address will not be publish. Mandatory fields are mark with * Call recording in the call center: legal aspects that you should know Mar 1, 2023 | Call centers | 0 Comments call recording If you BTC Database US have a Call Center , you ne to start recording the calls you make and receive. It is not something requir by law, but it is highly recommend if you want to improve and have more opportunities for growth . Today we talk about the legal aspects of recording calls in a call center .

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