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The ability to serve customers quickly and efficiently in the modern high-spe world is a critical competitive advantage for both banks and the systems that automate their activities. Therefore most modern frontend solutions are bas on the single window principle. This principle means integrating in one interface all the information available to the bank about customers and their products in order to provide the opportunity to provide customers with a full range of services through one teller. There is now also a single window creat for large multi-branch banks.

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In retail banking automation systems that are part of the Bosnia and Herzegovina Email List series single window means an individual operator workplace with an interface. The main component of the single window is the customer service panel where the entire process of providing banking services to individuals is carri out. In order to serve customers bank teller no longer ne s to switch between various menu items screen forms and system modules because the developer has collect all necessary and sufficient information in customer service panel. Single window should be the only module us by bank tellers serve the individual. Therefore, in addition to the functionality to work directly with customer products and one-off services, the new module also includes the necessary service functionality.

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Currency transaction registers, cash summary sheets, turnover BTC Database US use of cash register balances, enhancement of other users and refunds, business day change access. References view current exchange rates tariffs banking products user interface customization. To help current and future users navigate new features we have written this article as a guide that will guide you through all sections of the customer service panel and introduce you to its main functional attractions. So we invite you to travel.  Able to test future integration solutions under conditions that reflect their actual activities and assess which offerings from the largest vendors and suppliers are best for them.